Can Growth Strengthen Your Community?

If you need to know about… 

  • Developing good growth strategies

  • Setting realistic action plans about things that matter

  • Securing funding and implementation partnerships

  • Developing a decision making framework that promotes trust

  • Delivering catalyst projects that enhance local identity and lifestyle… 

Vital Places can help you customise a solution that delivers

“Good Growth” for your community.


We will guide you in creating the catalysts for new jobs, business growth, a stronger community identity and better lifestyle for families. Vital Places will help you achieve the best blend of public and private sector investment in smart infrastructure…

Robert Prestipino, as Director of Vital Places, specialises in developing regional infrastructure projects that strengthen local communities. He works with government, community and local business stakeholders to innovate solutions that ensure regional communities secure a vibrant future. He is a qualified Urban Designer, Registered Landscape Architect, Corporate Member of the Planning Institute of Australia, an Australian Certified Economic Developer and Veteran Design Thinker with more than 30 years’ experience in guiding best practice town centre and urban improvement projects.





“The passion, belief and honesty Vital Places has brought to this challenge has transformed our Council. For the first time, we not only own a vision for the future of our Shire but we now have the tools to deliver it.”

Hinchinbrook Mayor, Cr. Giuseppantonio (“Pino”) Giandomenico

“Vital Places has played a pivotal role in helping us set the momentum for a strategy that will turn our Town and Shire around, as well as deliver an inspirational case study for other communities.”

Cr. Sherry Kaurila

Hinchinbrook Shire Council


If you’re interested in developing better business cases for Catalyst Projects visit: www.regionalsolutions.net.au

AND if you would like to attract more investment partners for your Catalyst Project visit: www.cimaustralia.com.au