DIY Fast-track Audit

How can you immediately determine whether your project is on the right path to creating a better place for people and business in your community?

Vital Places offers this Three-Step Success Check to help you fine-tune and position your project for stronger economic, cultural, and social outcomes.

Use the following Three Step Success Check to fine tune your project.

Step One – Where to Start?

The first step in facilitating successful projects is often the most important. You need to find out just where the hot issues are in order to know what to do to achieve a sustainable outcome.

  • Does your Town Centre or Community suffer from?
  • Declining economic and social vitality
  • Vacant and/or poorly maintained shopfronts and buildings
  • Low community pride and disengaged stakeholders
  • Excessive vehicle traffic speeds and existing pedestrian/vehicle conflicts
  • A poorly defined or expressed sense of identity and character
  • A need for enhanced pedestrian amenity and facilities
  • Concern about personal safety
  • Limited access for special needs groups
  • Disorganised business operators lacking a common vision
  • Fragmented and infrequent Government initiatives

Step Two – What to do Next

Once you know the key issues you want to tackle, success will be determined by HOW you go about it.

Before you start its worth asking yourself a few questions such as:

  • Will your project look good but not have local support?
  • How do you get small business to come on board?
  • Does your community trust you?
  • How can you keep it simple, sustainable and successful?
  • Are you giving your project team the best chance for success?
  • How do you use public art to boost local business?
  • How do you write clear and concise consultant and artist briefs?
  • Does your project plan include the key issues in the right sequence?
  • How can you tell the difference between the important and the ideal?
  • How can you provide revitalisation that sharpens the competitive edge?

Now that you have reflected some of the common challenges of using projects to enhance cultural and economic vitality, the following tips will assist in fine tuning your action plan.

Step Three – Kick Start Your Project

If your project is under way or about to start, consider the following ten actions as ways to ensure you are going to deliver a quality outcome, on time, on budget.

  • Facilitate a project vision with local ownership
  • Clearly define all stakeholder’s roles and responsibilities
  • Formulate a comprehensive communication strategy
  • Develop a strong sense of place and pedestrian amenity
  • Provide better integration of artworks and character elements
  • Improve brief development and consultant management
  • Define key indicators for sustainable cultural and economic vitality
  • Improve workshop and consultation techniques
  • Provide appropriate training for design teams
  • Focus on better time and budget management

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