Specialist Services

Vital Places is Australia’s first place-based enterprise consultancy, specialising in shaping town centres to support strong, vibrant communities.

For more than 30 years, we’ve provided specialist consulting services to various areas of government, assisting with the revitalisation of distressed town centres and the constructive engagement of communities.

During this time, we have coordinated the development of integrated design, consultation, public art and small business revitalisation strategies for more than 40 successful centre improvement projects.

We have the flexibility to consult as the director of your purpose-built team, as an in-house specialist, or as a specialist team member within larger consultant teams delivering public infrastructure projects.

Our “Specialist Services” will provide you with…

  • Cutting edge advice and ideas
  • More focus on outcomes than reports
  • Public infrastructure that builds sustainable communities

Want to know more about our specialist consulting services?

Contact Robert Prestipino on 0414 550 975.