An overview

Place-based enterprise, sometimes referred to as experiential enterprise, environmental enterprise, community-based enterprise or enterprise for sustainability, promotes business that is intrinsic to what is truly “local”in your community. The unique history, environment, culture and economy of your town and/or region provide the catalyst for place-based enterprise initiatives.

Place-based enterprise is:

  • Stimulating authentic local enterprise and character based on the unique values of your community
  • The merging of “soft” people processes with “hard” project outcomes
  • The natural synergy of place-making and town centre economics
  • Governance that engages your local community, builds capacity and delivers the vision.

 Key aims of place-based enterprise:

  • Create quality jobs that benefit your local community
  • Build long-term social, economic and cultural vibrance
  • Make your community a better place for people and business.
  • Undertake our DIY Fast-Track Audit to determine if your project is set to create place-based enterprise.